PAASE Service & Engagement Awards 2023


12/18/20232 min read

Congratulations to our Presidential Citations for Outstanding Service and Engagement for the Year 2023 Awardees!

Outstanding Service Award

RIGOBERTO 'Gobet' ADVINCULA, PhD: In recognition of his unwavering and proactive commitment, demonstrated through outstanding leadership in compelling PAASE webinars and fireside chats, his adept management and editorial contributions to SciEnggJ, and his enduring leadership as a Board of Directors member and former president.

XENIA TIGNO, PhD: In acknowledgment of her steadfast commitment to advocating for representation and equity for women and Filipinos in STEM, evident in her selfless contributions to PAASE, including her role as a co-organizer of the successful APAMS 2023, her longstanding membership on the PAASE membership committee, and her dedicated leadership over the years as a Board of Directors member and former PAASE president.

FEBREY ESCLARES: In recognition of her exceptional performance as the PAASE Administrative Officer, demonstrating competence across various areas of responsibility by employing a diverse skill set encompassing management, communication, graphic design, and more.

Outstanding Engagement Award for Individual Members



This award is given to individuals who have successfully engaged with, and on behalf of, PAASE for the betterment of the STEM community in their home or host universities in the Philippines. Dr. Dizon and Villalobos were members of the PAASE delegation who visited Kaohsiung in April 2023. Since then, they returned to Kaohsiung and successfully stewarded Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU) and Central Mindanao University (CMU), respectively, and their officials, and signed MOUs with several universities for scientific research collaboration and academic scholarship & exchange initiatives.

Outstanding Engagement Award for Research Expertise Clusters

REC 4 (Biological Sciences: Plant, Agriculture, Farming, Food, and Nutrition Science), Co-Chairs: Casiana Vera Cruz, PhD, Glenn Gregorio, PhD, and Ma. Carmen Ablan Lagman, PhD

In acknowledgment of their dynamic contributions, this recognition is conferred upon REC 4 who has shown exemplary dedication in actively pursuing grant opportunities for the Rice Genomics Project, showcasing a commitment to advancing scientific research and knowledge. Furthermore, their innovative approach to webinar organization, specifically the incorporation of student reactors, has significantly enhanced the engagement and inclusivity of these knowledge-sharing platforms.

REC 5 (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Co-Chairs: Gladys C. Completo, PhD, Sheryl Arreola, PhD, and Elmer-Rico Mojica, PhD

for demonstrating exceptional commitment through consistent planning and execution of highly attended webinars, for playing a pivotal role in sponsoring the Annual Breakfast for Women, underscoring their support for women's empowerment in STEM but also reflecting a broader dedication to fostering inclusivity and community engagement. The combination of their consistent efforts in webinar organization and their sponsorship of initiatives such as the Annual Breakfast for Women exemplifies a commendable dedication to knowledge dissemination and community enrichment.

REC 11 (Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmaceuticals & Biomedical Engineering), Co-Chairs: Silvestre Cabellon, MD, Jose Florencio Lapena Jr, MD, and Yasmyne Ronquillo, MD

for their resolute efforts to actively involve the public in the critical challenges facing Philippine Medical Education. Through a series of meticulously organized webinars, REC 11 has consistently succeeded in creating a platform that brings together preeminent experts and leaders in the field. This initiative not only underscores their commitment to addressing vital issues in medical education but also exemplifies their skillful orchestration in fostering a collaborative space for knowledge-sharing and discourse among key stakeholders. Through these endeavors, they have significantly contributed to advancing dialogue, awareness, and progress within the realm of Philippine Medical Education.

A hearty CONGRATULATIONS! May your tribe increase!!